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Craft Factory SHOVEL HEAD
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It was a big fun to see you all after the 3 years of interval!
See you nest year!


at "International Robot Exhibition 2022"

Shovel Head exhibition and workshop finished!
Thanks for guys visiting the venue and joining the workshop!

"Wonder Festivel 2022 Winter"

After an interval of 2 years, Wonder Festival took place in safe!
Thanks guys visiting the venue!!

craft factory SHOVEL HEAD
"the point of view of making"

Shovel Head fair at T-SITE, Daikanyama finished.
Thanks for coming and see you next time!

finished!"GO!! MY ROBOT exhibition vol.4"
touring exhibition

The touring exhibition at HOW HOUSE finished.
Thanks for visiting the venue!!

"With Gimmick"
A group exhibition with the theme,"gimmick" in the artwork

"2021 ALULU michi vol.3"

Thanks for visiting!

"Genju Shinwa VIII"

Thanks guys, for coming to see under the difficult situation by Covid-19.
It was good the exhibition was held in safe!

NEW TYPE TWEEZERS of Shovel Head spec!
Released from September 2018!

●New type points never before
●stainless steel
●Shovel Head logo marked
●manufacture and sale by Eigertool Co., Ltd.
●info >>

"Kikai Konchu Seisaku no Subete"

Following the traditional Chinese version by North Star Culture in Taiwan, the simplified Chinese version will be published this December!
It shows how to create mechanical mutants, also contains photos of past pieces.
Please check it at book store!
Publisher : Chine Youth Press

Just published!

"Kikai Konchu Seisaku no Subete"
It shows how to create mechanical mutants, also contains photos of past pieces.

Please check it at book store!

PRICE : 2,590yen + tax
PUBLISHER : Hobby Japan

notepad of flip book "Parapara memo Tube®"
You can buy it at events and in HOW HOUSE.

" SHOVEL HEAD 2009 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2010 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2011 "

" SHOVEL HEAD 2012 "
You can check the selected pieces from 2009 to 2012.

FACEBOOK page from here!

"What will it be like? If the lizard's cut-off tail begins by its will to reproduce another body with mechanical parts."; with this image I've kept on making sculptures. Sometimes there's a question like this:"Do they move?" They seem to move when nobody is there...
Gradually the contents will increase. Thank you for visiting this site and come again!

Yas Udagawa Craft Factory Shovel Head

7 May,"Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022"
6 March,"International Robot Exhibition 2022"
31 Jan.,"Wonder Festivel 2022 Winter"
9 Dec.,"GO!! MY ROBOT exhibition vol.4" -ZIPANG- touring exhibition
24 Nov.,"craft factory SHOVEL HEAD" -the point of view of making-