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Craft Factory SHOVEL HEAD
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coming soon!

In this exhibition, you can find a new PEANUT's world of SNOOPY by American cartoonist Charles M. Shulz.




Shovel Head takes place in the exhibition "SNOOPY FANTARATION", as one of the eight artists, making SNOOPY sculpture.
Borrowing the figure from the past comic strips, where SNOOPY is flying with his eras spinning, I made a SNOOPY the ears actually rotate with a motor carrying his friend WOODSTOCK.
Please visit the venue if you hav e a chance to visit GINZA!

DATE : 1st - 19th March, 2018
PLACE : event square 8th Floor, in MATSUYA GINZA
HOURS : 10:00 - 20:00 *admission available 30min before closing time **until 17:00 on the final day
TICKET : ADULT / 1,000Yen, STUDENTS /300-700Yen
*advance tickets available st convenience store until the 28th Feb.

The 1st term exhibition is held in Tokyo from 1st - 19th March at GINZA MATSUYA. Then it will move to JR NAGOYA TAKASHIMAYA, HANKYU UMEDA, HIROSHIMA MITSUKOSHI and more.


now in Moscow!
exhibition "The JIDAI Era"

The innovative studio Art Dynamics with the "MARS" Center of Contemporary Art present an exhibition of unseen mechanical creatures by the renown techno-art of Shovel Head.

JIDAI (from the Japanese "era","epoch") is a mysterious era of a form of life, which is not yet familiar to us, in which various creatures live that excite imagination with their bizarre multi-component nature. Somewhere they are similar to biological forms, somewhere quite unique.

Multimedia character of the exhibition creates three-dimensional animation, surround sound and show-program from the robot R-One, which enhances the impressions of the works of techno-art and simulates the presence in another dimension.
We invite you to meet the unprecedented creatures and robot R-one, which take us to another dimension - in the era of mechanical creatures.

DATE : 2nd January - 1st April, 2018
PLACE : Center for Contemporary Art MARS
HOURS : 12:00 - 22:00 every day
TICKET : 300-650Rb ; differs by the condition of age, holiday, retired, or student


"Wonder Festival 2018 winter"

There were so many people as always.
Thanks for visiting our booth!


"2018 SIAE : Seoul International Art Expo"

"Yuke!! Ore no Robo 2017" touring exhibition

Thanks for visiting the venue and voting for the "Ore-robo ART contest" !
The result will be open sometime soon!

"International Robot Exhibition 2017"

It was one day exhibition and workshop. But there came lot of people.
Thank you guys!

"Shanghai Comic Convention 2017"

Following the Beijing Comic Convention 2016, We participateed in "Shanghai Comic Convention 2017", at the booth of 52TOYS.

coming soon!
"Kikai Konchu Seisaku no Subete"

Following the traditional Chinese version by North Star Culture in Taiwan, the simplified Chinese version will be published this December!
It shows how to create mechanical mutants, also contains photos of past pieces.
Please check it at book store!
Publisher : Chine Youth Press

Just published!

"Kikai Konchu Seisaku no Subete"
It shows how to create mechanical mutants, also contains photos of past pieces.

Please check it at book store!

PRICE : 2,590yen + tax
PUBLISHER : Hobby Japan

notepad of flip book
"Parapara memo Tube®"
You can buy it at events and in HOW HOUSE.

" SHOVEL HEAD 2009 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2010 "
" SHOVEL HEAD 2011 "

" SHOVEL HEAD 2012 "
You can check the selected pieces from 2009 to 2012.

FACEBOOK page from here!

"What will it be like? If the lizard's cut-off tail begins by its will to reproduce another body with mechanical parts."; with this image I've kept on making sculptures. Sometimes there's a question like this:"Do they move?" They seem to move when nobody is there...
Gradually the contents will increase. Thank you for visiting this site and come again!

Yas Udagawa Craft Factory Shovel Head

12 Feb., "Wonder Festival 2018 Winter"
20 Jan., "2018 SIAE : Seoul International Art Expo"
13 Jan., "THE JIDAI Era"
22 Nov., "International Robot Exhibition 2017"
30 Sep., "Shanghai Comic Convention 2017"