Shovel Head Solo Exhibitions 05
- 時空散歩人 -
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2006.10 (Oct.) - 2006.11 (Nov.)
風ギャラリー 銀座・東京
at Kaze Gallery, Ginza Tokyo

銀座1丁目にある平面形状が凸型をしたギャラリーでの3年振りの個展。 時間の流れをテーマにして、変化する世界を擬人化して表現。

The latest solo exhibition at Kaze Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
The theme for this exhibition was "TIME" that was expressed by the figure of a big sculpture "Mother" settled in the center and its eggs that hatch into variety of living things by not only taking the normal shape of animals, but also the combination with vehicles or buildings. It is the different interpretation for the evolution theory. It may sometimes follow the unusual rules or casualism.
Totally 82 pieces were displayed including the cover pieces for the quarterly computer magazine and the technology text book of junior high school.


ハヘロ(ギミック)/ BLUES(熔接)/杉田研二(ICプログラミング)/VATARU+OJIYAN(衣装)/森下友加里(スライドショウ制作)/聖方(展示台制作)
HAHERO(Gimmick)/ BLUES(Welding)/KENJI SUGITA(IC-programming)/VATARU+OJIYAN(Costume)/
YUKARI MORISHITA(Slide show)/MASAMI(Show case)

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