Shovel Head Solo Exhibitions 04
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2003.10 (Oct.) - 2003.11 (Nov.)
OZONE リビングデザインギャラリー 新宿・東京
at Living Design Gallery OZONE,Shinjuku Tokyo

新宿パークタワービル6階にあるリビングデザインギャラリーでのインスタレーション。棄てられたスクラップの山にスカラベが飛来し、日々増殖しながら子孫のために玉 を作る。そして再生された玉は[RE-BIRTH]の時を待つ。期間中、展示内容を毎日更新し、その経過を壁面に日記形式で展開。

The 4th solo exhibition at Living Design Gallery of OZONE,Shinjuku Tokyo.
Around abandoned piled scraps,lots of scarabs gather to multiply and make balls out of the scraps to leave offspring in. Then the balls are ready for the time of [RE-BIRTH].
The scene changes every day. On the wall you can trace the changes through the picture story.The exhibition displays almost 30 pieces of SHOVEL HEAD work, including 9 from the "Nikkei WinPC",which has featured many of our pieces on its cover over the last 6 and half years,as well as 14 from SMH series entitled "The Encyclopedia of Lurkers" and 1 new species of Lurkers which was just discovered.


      グラフィック協力: 銀河映像社
     Graphic Design : Galactic Visions

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